The Athletic Training Position Absolutely Needs to be Regulated by the State Of California

In the following guest editorial, Nicole Dahl offers some thoughts on California’s athletic training regulations (or lack thereof):

Imagine yourself needing a diagnostic blood test. Would you prefer to have your blood drawn by a certified Phlebotomy Technician who has completed a required number of hours of supervised training, has hands-on experience and has passed a written exam, or would you be comfortable allowing anyone who called themselves a “phlebotomist” to take a stab at jabbing you?

Luckily, that is a choice you do not have to make. Laboratory Field Services are regulated by the California Department of Public Health. Those wishing to practice phlebotomy and draw your blood must meet or exceed tiered standards to earn their title and right to practice in the state of California.

A certification process is standard across the board in healthcare. Nursing, dentistry, home health, and radiology are a few of the many regulated healthcare fields in California. In fact, every healthcare profession is controlled by the state save for one, athletic training.

Strange, right? The California Athletic Trainer’s Association (CATA) seems to think so and, seeing as March is National Athletic Training Month, the group is creating a buzz and calling for legislative change concerning the lack of rules and state regulation in their field.

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