SDSU’s Steve Fisher: How California can keep athletes safe

It’s every parent’s nightmare: You’re watching your son play basketball and all of a sudden he collapses. You don’t know what’s happening, how to help or even if he is going to be all right.

In my tenures as head basketball coach at San Diego State University and University of Michigan, all of the players under my charge were my sons. I still remember vividly watching Dwayne Polee II running down the court and suddenly collapsing in a 2014 SDSU game against UC Riverside. Polee may have been in a world of hurt if it weren’t for our certified athletic trainer at the time, Tom Abdenour, who was formerly the head athletic trainer for the Golden State Warriors.

I credit Abdenour with helping save Polee’s life by implementing crucial emergency procedures to restart his heart.

But, every day, Californians are putting their athletes at risk because there are not enough athletic trainers and the ones we have are unregulated.

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