Recommended Hourly Pay Guideline for Athletic Trainer Event Care 12/2015

There are numerous athletic or community-based athletic events where certified  Athletic Trainers (ATs) are hired on a per diem basis to either supplement existing  athletic training coverage or to provide the only health care at an event. ATs are the  ideal health care provider for athletic and community-based events and can  implement a variety of health care services including preventative wrapping and  bracing, emergency care, injury evaluation and triage, treatment, and referral to  other appropriate health care providers as needed. The certified AT has educational  competence in managing numerous emergency care situations including injuries related, but not limited, to: heat illness, concussion, cervical spine injury, musculoskeletal injuries, and sudden cardiac death.

Due to the specialized set of health care skills of the AT and the in liability exposure of the AT in athletic or community-based event recommends a minimum pay of $35 per hour for event care. This include any expenses related to health care supplies (e.g., athletic tape or emergency equipment) that the host athletic or community-based e make available to the certified AT. In the circumstance where the hos community-based event cannot provide an appropriate amount of hea supplies, the minimum pay to the certified AT should increase to cove necessary to provide those services.

While the individual AT is always able to negotiate the appropriate pay as needed,  the CATA recommends that all certified ATs use this guideline as a benchmark for  athletic event health care services. In accordance with the BOC Standards of Practice for all ATs, the CATA highly recommends that the Certified Athletic Trainer purchase their own professional liability insurance to limit any liability exposure  when providing patient care at athletic or community-based events.

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