A former high school and college athlete, Amanda Seibert received her Bachelor of Science in movement and sports science, with an emphasis in athletic training from the University of La Verne in 2010, where she’s also currently working on earning her teaching credential and master’s in education. Today, Seibert works as an athletic trainer and teaches two Regional Occupational Program (ROP) athletic training classes at Bonita High School.

At the Fairplex Half Marathon in Pomona California in 2012, her expertise was put to the test when a middle-aged man collapsed a few feet from the finish line. Jumping into action, Seibert and a physical therapist checked the man’s vitals. Finding he had stopped breathing, they immediately began CPR.

“Adrenaline gave me the energy to continue compressions,” said Seibert. “It was the most real athletic training experience of my life, and I will never forget it.”

Seibert continued CPR while EMS loaded the man onto a spine board, until EMS took over and transferred the man into the ambulance. She later learned the victim was put into an induced hypothermic coma and underwent surgery.

At the Holiday Half Marathon in December 2013, Seibert received a surprise when she was greeted and thanked by the man whose life she had saved just one year prior.

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