Saturday, February 22nd, 2020

*7:00 am-12:00pm Check in & Registration*
TimeLocation: Central Pacific/StagecoachLocation: Steamboat/School House
8:00amLEARNING LAB: Capacity 50
Living in Sync with your Menstrual Cycle for Optimal Athletic Performance (1 EBP)
Nicole Murzen, MS, ATC, MFDc, CMS
Elysia Tsai, MEd, ATC
10:00amLEARNING LAB: Capacity 75
Running FASTER: Gait Training for Stress Fracture Rehabilitation and Prevention
Donald Kessler, MEd, ATC
LEARNING LAB: Capacity 40
Diagnostic Ultrasound: The Application and Utilization within the Athletic Training Setting
Eugene Roh, MD
Sanam Rezazadeh, MS, ATC
YT Chen, MD
Robert Diaz, MD
Amy Yin, MD
12:00pmLunch BreakLunch Break

EBP Certificates for AM learning will be distributed in the Atrium from 10:00-11:00am

TimeLocation: Central Pacific/Steamboat/School House
1:00pmHow to Solve Chronic Non-Specific Low Back Pain (1 EBP)
Timothy Speicher, PhD, AT, LAT, CSCS, PRT-c, EMT
2:00pmThe Influence of Alternative Therapeutic Techniques on Managing Pain: Evidence for Novel Therapeutic Techniques (1 EBP)
Brian Hortz, PhD, ATC
3:00pmData and Analytics in Sports Medicine: Is Your Data Driving Action?
Dave Hogarth, DPT, PT, PES, CES
4:00pmCheating...Who Cares? Why You Should be Concerned with Doping
Robert D. Kersey, PhD, ATC
5:00pmAn Interdisciplinary Approach to Injury Prevention and Return to Play
Lindsy Donnelly, MEd, ATC

EBP Certificates for PM lectures will be distributed in the Atrium from 3:00-4:00pm and 6:00-6:30pm

Authors present at Free Communication posters in atrium from 6:00pm-6:30pm

Advanced Workshop

(ATC’s only; Additional registration fee $150; 4 EBPs)
6–10pmPositional Release Therapy Workshop: How to Solve Chronic Non-Specific Low Back Pain:
The Wheelhouse Protocol ©

Timothy Speicher, PhD, AT, LAT, CSCS, PRT-c, EMT
River City Room
Capacity Limited to 18

Sunday, February 23rd, 2020

*7:00 am-11:00am Check in & Registration*
TimeRiver CityCentral Pacific/StagecoachSteamboat/School House
8:00amCurrent Athlete Safety Regulations in Secondary Schools
Heather Harvey, MA, ATC
Early Post-Operative Treatment Following ACL Reconstruction
Aaron Reynolds, PT, OCS, CSCS
Role of Acupuncture in Sports Medicine: Using Complex Techniques
to Treat Pain from Multiple Angles

Ted Ray, L.Ac., DNBAO
9:00amPrinciples of Per Diem Work: Liabilities & Legalities
Alisha M. Pennington, MS, ATC
The Use of Personalized, Continuous Hydration Sensors as a Standard of Preventative Care
Debbie Chen, PhD
Dietary Supplements: Can the Discerning AT Maneuver the Chaos? (Student Focused)
Robert D. Kersey, PhD, ATC
Transitioning the Athletic Training Student into the School Employment Setting
Andrew Paulin, ATC
A “Cheat-Sheet” for Using Microsoft Excel in Clinical Data Analytics: Tips and Tricks for the Athletic Trainer
Kevin Robell, MA, ATC
Sport Specialization in Overhead Athletes: Athlete Risks and Parent Perspectives
Eric Post, PhD, ATC

11:15amLunch provided for conference attendees in the AtriumStudent Leadership Luncheon With ATC Panel
Chase Paulson, MS, ATC - Donald Kessler, MEd, ATC
Natalie Brown, MS, ATC - Scott Sailor, EdD, ATC
Alisha M. Pennington, MS, ATC

2nd Floor Terrace

Location: Central Pacific/Steamboat/School House
1:00 pmManaging Muscle Strains with Personalized Blood Flow Restriction Exercise (1 EBP)
Kyle Kimbrell, PT, MPT, CSCS
2:00 pmQuality Patient Care Requires Quality Clinician Wellbeing (1 EBP)
Scott Sailor, EdD, ATC
Stephanie Moore, PhD, ATC
3:00 pmPsychosocial Strategies for Optimal Patient Outcomes: What Does the Evidence Tell Us?
Megan Granquist, PhD, ATC
4:00 pmCATA Business Meeting
5:00 pmKEYNOTE PRESENTATION: “The Only Easy Day, Was Yesterday”
Donald Kessler, MEd, ATC

EBP Certificates for PM lectures will be distributed in the Atrium from 3:00-4:00pm and 6:00-6:30pm

Advanced Workshop

(ATC’s only; Additional registration fee $150 includes cupping set; 2 EBPs)
6 - 8pmCupping Workshop: Cupping for Sports Related Myofascial Dysfunction
Brian Hortz, PhD, ATC
Stagecoach Room
Capacity Limited to 25

8 – 9 pmCATA PAC Ice Cream & Game Social ($25 optional participation) River City Ballroom

Monday, February 24th, 2020

TimeLocation: Central Pacific/Steamboat/School House
6:00 amHit the Hill Day Registration/Check-in
Coffee/Tea Service Provided
7:00 amCATA Legislative Hit the Hill Day Preparation (3 CEUs – 1.5 Lecture/1.5 Capital)
Presenters: Mike Chisar, MPT, ATC, Zachary Norton-Martinez, MS, ATC and Gina Biviano, MA, ATC
4:30–7:30pmHit The Hill Day Reception
2nd Floor Terrace

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