Governmental Affairs Committee

The CATA Governmental Affairs Committee (GAC) is tasked with co-ordinating all of the legislative activity for the association.  The GAC is a committee of the CATA managing board and is comprised of a group of experienced members who work closely with the CATA lobbying firm Aaron Read and Associates to further the goals of the CATA. The committee collaborates with our lobbyists, the CATA Legislative Action Team (LAT), the CATA Political Action Committee (CATAPAC), CATA members and other organizations that share our vision. By introducing our own legislation and constantly monitoring legislation sponsored by others, the GAC is able to influence California law that impacts athlete safety and the athletic training profession.  Over the last decade, the work of the GAC, the LAT and CATA members has positioned the CATA and the athletic training position as experts in athletic health care and advocates for the health and safety of the citizens of California and especially young athletes.

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Hit the Hill

Hit the Hill started in 2009 after the success of the NATA's Hit the Hill in Washington, DC to create momentum and support for federal legislation. It gave the opportunity for athletic trainers to advocate for the profession and helped get national recognition for Athletic Trainers and our issues.

We started on a small scale with our first Hit the Hill in California and saw it as a way to get grassroots support for our state regulatory efforts. This event turned out to be widely popular and we have now built it to our largest in 2017 with 160+ ATs and students in meetings with California legislators.

If you are new to California or if a lack of government regulation affects you, Hit the Hill is a great way to network with other athletic trainers across the state and learn about issues that concern us here. There is no better way to fully understand the legislative plight we have had unless you attend an event like this and learn of our successes and failures over the past 10 years. We highly encourage every athletic trainer to Hit the Hill at least once! You will leave the event feeling empowered and proud to be an athletic trainer, guaranteed!

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White House


Legislative Action Team

The Legislative Action Team (LAT) was established in 2012 to support the regulatory efforts of the CATA Governmental Affairs’ Committee.  The LAT has become a strong grassroots advocacy group of athletic trainers across the state who are active with their local legislators to gain support for the CATA’s initiatives.  Members of the LAT lobby at legislators offices, host them at their place of employment, assist with letter campaigns, and are very enthusiastic about regulation and advancement of athletic training in CA.


The Legislative Action Team is a mechanism for more CATA membership to be active in the fight for much-needed regulation in CA.  If you have this same passion and the lack of regulation directly affects you- please join the 60+ members of the LAT!

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Summary of Accomplishments of the LAT:

  • Countless ATs have gone to legislator district offices to speak with them about our regulatory initiatives from 2012-2015.  Roughly 30+ meetings have been held with Assemblymembers, Senators, and their staff. Thank you to all of the ATs who have volunteered their time for this necessary grassroots effort.
  • All co-authors of AB 161 (Asm Cooley, Gordon, and Senators Anderson, Nielsen) were a result of LAT member action in 2015
  • LAT volunteered for campaigns for vacant Senate seats 3/2015 (Mike Chisar, Jason McCamey, Al Douex, DVC students)
  • Assemblymember Atkins staff visited Cuyamaca College to see ATs in action, 4/2014 hosted by Jamie Adams
  • Tracey Juarena hosted Senator Vidak’s staff to West Hills College to see ATs at work and they congratulated her on her AT of the Year award, 3/2014
  • Brian Mainshein gave a National Athletic Trainers’ Month Proclamation because of Advocates for Injured Athletes and Jamie Adams, Christina Scherr 3/2014
  • Assemblymember Levine visited the Drake HS athletic training room to see what ATs do at the high school level, 2/2014 (Gina Biviano)
  • CATA and the LAT hosted Assemblymembers Gomez and Bradford, Senators Hernandez and Lara to a Dodgers game in Sept 2013 (Ky Kugler, Mike West, Mike Chisar, Lauren Forsyth, Davion White, Michelle Cleary, Rory Natividad, Patty Bellali, Lindsay Warren, Samantha Villa, Sarah Strand, Heather Harvey, Nick Harvey, Christina Scherr)
  • Senator Fuller visited College of the Sequoias and Dennis Goebel educated her regarding AT and regulation 3/2013
  • Annie Martin met Senator DeSaulnier at a city meeting and gave them CATA informational documents 3/2013
  • Many LAT helped with legislators’ campaigns during election year 2012 (Hazel Ando, Ryan Watson, Lindsey Dame, Sarah Ibanez, Jay Nationales, Patty Bellali, Tim Baldwin, Chris Ludwig, Chris Warden)
  • Senator Leyland Yee visited UCSF’s Amputee Workshop to see ATs in action, 11/2012 (Tim Baldwin, Gina Biviano)
  • USF hosted a SF Assemblymember’s staff to a basketball game, 11/2012 (Ron Shinault, Gina Biviano)
  • Chris Warden and Ohlone College hosted former Senator Ellen Corbett to discuss regulation of ATs 10/2012

Multiple Free CEU Introductory Meetings for LAT 9/2012


Governor Signs AB 2007

The CATA is pleased to announce that on Friday September 23rd, Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 2007 making it the first ever CATA sponsored bill signed into law in California.

This is a critical step forward for the CATA, the athletic training profession and, most importantly, the consumers of our state. The passage of this legislation places California in the lead on minimizing the risks of long-term sequelae of concussions.

This bill will guarantees that youth sport coaches, parents and athletes will all be educated in the risks and symptoms of concussions. It ensures that youth sports leagues have a mechanism in place to ensure that young athletes who are suspected of having a concussion are immediately removed from play and cannot return until cleared by a medical professional trained in the management of concussions. The legislation also mandates that young athletes who sustain concussions go through the same return-to-play protocol that we demand for the safety of our older athletes. While we will never know exactly who or how many, the governor’s signature has confirmed that this new state law will save countless children from the long-term cognitive impairment that results from mismanaged concussions.

Yes, this bill is a huge step forward in protecting the citizens of California. However, the CATA continues to be concerned that California is the only state in the nation that doesn’t regulate the athletic training profession and as a result uneducated and unqualified individuals are attempting to manage serious injuries on unknowing patients.

Incredibly, and unfortunately, in spite of the fact that athletic trainers are qualified and typically the most available provider to evaluate and treat concussions, they are barred by state law from managing concussions soley because of this unlicensed status.

The CATA is committed to ensuring that all Californians get the care they need.

A special thank you to AB 2007’s author Assemblymember Kevin McCarty and his staff, as well the CATA’s expert lobbying firm Aaron Read and Associates for their support of the athletic training profession in California.

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