2 concussions, 30 doctors and 3 years of hearing ‘I don’t know.’

The pills accumulated for three years, reaching close to 30 a day at one point. They hadn’t done much for Morgan Decker, but she kept ingesting them on the recommendation of multiple physicians.

Until one of the doctors told her the heavy dosage could kill her.

“It was crazy,” said Brian Decker, Morgan’s dad. “The doctor said, ‘Man, your liver’s going to seize up; you’re going to die if you keep taking all these high (dosages).’ ”

But the Deckers didn’t have any other solution to alleviate Morgan’s unbroken misery following a pair of concussions — each three months apart — playing soccer at Aquinas High School in San Bernardino.

Two weeks after the second concussion, Morgan Decker, 19, abruptly dropped to the ground unconscious at cheer practice. She was rushed to a nearby hospital, given some Benadryl and sent on her way without answers or a simple explanation.

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