California is currently the only state that does not regulate the profession of athletic training in any fashion.

  • There is no legally defined scope of practice describing what an athletic trainer may or may not due.
  • There are no regulations describing the educational and certification requirements for becoming an athletic trainer, meaning that anyone, no matter whether the actually are an athletic trainer or not or whether they have any medical training, can call themselves an athletic trainer.
  • There is no mechanism for the public to file a complaint with the government and have it investigated .

The CATA and many others believe that this is poses untenable risks for the citizens of California and is committed to rectifying this situation.  The CATA has sponsored numerous bills that would regulate the profession of some fashion and have had success with legislators moving at least 6 bills to governor's desk, but unfortunately all have been vetoed for a variety of reason.

The CATA will continue to fight this battle to protect all Californians, and especially the hundreds of thousands of vulnerable youth who participate in sports. For more information about this issue and to find out how you can help, please click here

If you would like to file a complaint against an athletic trainer or someone posing as an athletic trainer, please click here

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