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The health care system in California is ever changing, but it remains to be highly regulated and legislated by the government and the insurance industry. Especially now, athletic trainers need to fight to have a seat at the table in regards to California’s health care conversation. Fortunately, we will not have to wage this fight as individuals

The Political Action Committee for the California Athletic Trainer’s Association, CATAPAC, provides campaign contributions to approved governmental candidates on behalf of CATA. The CATAPAC works on behalf of all athletic trainers in California to enhance health care for both the athletic training profession and those who receive care from athletic trainers. CATAPAC works to effect change by supporting candidates for public office and special interest topics whose views and intentions mesh with our own professional and philosophical goals.

Successful legislative advocacy depends upon an integrated approach consisting of active lobbying and continued grassroots activities. It is a nonpartisan group. CATAPAC works to be the voice of the athletic training profession in California, seeking goals such as youth safety guidelines, title protection, licensure, better working conditions, fair access and the right to practice for all athletic trainers across the state.

To donate to the CATAPAC please use the button below or download the CATA PAC Contribution Form to mail in:

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