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We find ourselves at a critical juncture in our legislative efforts to uphold the highest standards of the athletic training profession. A new bill, AB 864, has been introduced and is expected to receive its first hearing late next month.

As in years passed, this bill will validate the medical expertise of athletic trainers by requiring licensure of our profession and will prevent unqualified individuals from calling themselves an athletic trainer or engaging in the practice of athletic training.

Passage of this bill would mark a significant step in state protection of youth athletes and make strides in recognition of the athletic training profession.

The CATA leadership has been working hard over the last years to help pass legislation that would regulate the athletic training profession and we feel very optimistic about AB 864. It is important to note that the bill is designed to be cost-neutral, meaning it won’t cost taxpayers any money, with all costs associated with licensure applications and renewals covering the costs of maintaining the bill.

It is also important to recognize what the bill does not do. Contrary to arguments against the bill by physical therapists, this bill does not seek Medicare or other insurance payment for athletic trainers, nor does it seek to take jobs away from physical therapists.

The only thing this bill allows for is the public to be sure the person calling themselves an athletic trainer, actually meets all the requirements to do so.

With these facts in minds, it is critical that we take our message to the legislators who will be considering this bill. We need to separate the facts from the fiction and show those considering this piece of legislation that it matters to California! Your legislators need to hear from you.

With that in mind, please take a few minutes to send a letter of support TODAY.

Your assistance is critical, so we have tried to make getting your voice heard as easy as possible. There are a few ways that you can make that happen. You can:

Print and sign the Skinner thank you letter

AND one of the following

  • Write your own letter of support using the “create-your-own” template (preferred method)
  • Download and SIGN one of the pre-composed letters below (still a great option and may be customized as well). Please note the areas in brackets in each letter where you need to fill in your own information.

 All letters should be put on your institutions’ letterhead, if possible.

Choose from the following templates:

Once printed and signed, please fax to 510-642-0200 (no cover sheet required), or scan and email signed copies to Lauren Forsyth at

Please also pass this link along to friends, colleagues and family who also have a stake in the passage of this legislation. This is a great way to create and sustain momentum around this important issue. Helping legislators understand that people other than athletic trainers are in support of this bill is incredibly important too!

Thank you so much for your assistance as we continue to strive to enhance the continuity of care for those we work with and continue to elevate our profession in the process.


Mike West

President, CATA

****The key is to send a letter in as soon as possible and let your voice be heard.****

Thank you in advance for your support of our profession.

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