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Governor Vetoes AB 1890

CATA Member:

It is with much disappointment, confusion, and bewilderment that I must inform you that Governor Jerry Brown vetoed AB 1890 this morning.  His veto message is as follows:


To the Members of the California State Assembly:

I am returning Assembly Bill 1890 without my signature. This bill would make it illegal for any person to use the title of “athletic trainer” unless that person goes to college, gets a bachelor degree and meets various other certification requirements.

These conditions impose unnecessary burdens on athletic trainers without sufficient evidence that they are really needed.


Edmund G. Brown Jr.


Words cannot express our feelings right now.  There was a tremendous amount of momentum and enthusiasm for AB 1890 all the way to the governor’s desk.  This is extremely disheartening.

I am very proud of the work done by our governmental affairs committee, our managing board, our lobbyists and our members.  Everyone did such a great job and you all should be commended.  The governmental affairs committee will meet soon to evaluate our situation and strategize for the future.  I ask that our members not correspond with any government officials about the veto until which time we come up with a strategy suited for this situation.  I am proud to be an ATHLETIC TRAINER and I know you are too.

We will persevere……


Last Push for Letters!

AB 1890 passed both the Assembly and the Senate, and is now on the Governor’s desk. Please let the Governor know that you support AB 1890 by signing a letter using this link. The deadline is today July 7!

AB 1890 Update: Bill Passes Senate B&P Committee on June 16

The letter writing campaign is still going!

Thank you to all who were able to write a letter to the Chair of the Senate Business, Professions and Economic Development Committee. We were able to send 1,000 letters, which is absolutely fantastic considering we only had 4 days in which to do it!

AB 1890 was heard in this committee on June 16th and passed! It will now move onto the Senate Floor for a full vote before ending up on the governor’s desk to be signed into law. Since this will be happening fairly soon, we are going to keep the letter writing campaign open so that athletic trainers, athletic training students, other colleagues and parents can continue to write letters to their personal Senator over the next few weeks by using this link.

If you have already written a letter, there is no need to write another one. We will keep you updated as we have more information.


AB 1890 Passes First Assembly Committee Hearing

We are very happy to announce that our title protection act – AB 1890 passed UNANIMOUSLY through its first committee hearing May 6 with a 14-0 vote! The bill will still need to pass through the Assembly Floor, the Senate B&P Committee and the Senate floor before ending up on the governor’s desk to be signed into law. It a great accomplishment and brings us that much closer to regulation in California.

Thank you to all of those individuals who wrote a letter in support of the bill. We sent 2,333 letters while our opposition only sent 301. This is a fantastic representation of the dedication and passion of our membership and we could not accomplish these things without you behind us. Our work continues as we head to our next step in this process, but we can certainly be proud of this accomplishment. We will continue to need your support and will keep you updated when we have more information.

AB 1890 Changed to Title Protection: What this means.

AB 1890 has been changed to title protection for many reasons. Many of which are out of our control and have to do with events happening at the Capitol and elsewhere that were unforeseen and are affecting the status of other bills. This decision was made because licensure would not have had the support it needed this year without attaining title protection first, as title protection is being viewed as a prerequisite for licensure.

Therefore, title protection will be our focus this year so that we can move onto licensure in the near future. This will protect the title of “Athletic Trainer”, “AT”, “Certified Athletic Trainer”, “ATC” and anything relating to those names. This means that someone who has not gone through the proper education and certification will no longer be able to call themselves an athletic trainer. Passing this bill will still be a massive step forward for athletic trainers in California and an important step towards licensure.

The letters already sent will still be counted as support for AB 1890 and the bill will still be heard. The hearing has been delayed but will be scheduled for another date very shortly. We will continue to need your support and dedication to get title protection passed.

We are making good progress and know that together we will continue to make progress.  This decision was not easy and in no way taken lightly. The leadership team, along with our lobbying firm and our author (Assemblyman Chau) chose the direction that gives us the best possibility for ultimate success in attaining licensure. Thanks for all of your passion and dedication, your support at this time is very important to us. Our work continues…

AB 1890 Introduced on February 19, 2014

On February 19, 2014, the California Athletic Trainers’ Association (CATA) with Assemblymember Ed Chau (D-
Monterey Park), introduced AB 1890 now known as the “Title Protection for Athletic Trainers.”

AB 1890 would regulate athletic trainers and prohibit any person without the proper credentials from calling themselves an athletic trainer.

Athletic trainers are uniquely qualified physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists who work at schools, hospitals, military facilities, clinics, corporations and more. They provide acute injury treatment, a continuum of care from injury and illness prevention and return-to-activity clearance for athletes and other physically active individuals.

Despite the vital role athletic trainers play in our safety, the lack of regulation creates a great risk that people who have lost or are unable to obtain licensure in other states will come to California to practice, putting the public in danger and degrading the standards of the profession as a whole.

Nowhere else is this more crucial than at the secondary school levels. As kids begin to specialize in a particular sport there has been a growing incidence of serious injuries and complications resulting from overuse and intensive over-training. AB 1890 would ensure that the athletic trainer working with children at schools are who they say they are and have the proper education.



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