2015 CATA State Recognition Award:

Mike West

Mr. West was recognized for his 10 years of service; two 3-year terms as the CATA President plus 4 years as the CATA Governmental Affairs Chair. Mikes unceasing contribution of time and energy for the betterment of the profession of Athletic Training and to the statewide membership of the CATA is unparalleled. Thank you Mike West.


2015 CATA Special Service Award:

Eric Paredes Save a Life Foundation

Eric Paredes “Save a Life Foundation” out of San Diego received the Special Service Award this year. Eric was a healthy Steele Canyon High School athlete who died suddenly and unexpectedly from Sudden Cardiac Arrest/Death (SCA/D) in 2009. His parents established EP Save A Life Foundation to honor him through their commitment to prevent this tragedy from happening to other families. The EP Save A Life Foundation is committed to preventing SCAin young people through awareness, education and action.


2015 CATA Lifesaver Award:

Erin Stovall

Erin Stovall, in her first year of employment at Archbishop Riordan High School in San Francisco, received the Life Saver Award. On February 5th, Erin used an AED and CPR to save a baseball coaches life. She had gone into work on her day off to follow-up on an athlete with a concussion. Around 5:30pm a couple students ran into her office and said that their coach had passed out. She ran out to the baseball field to find her 60-year-old assistant JV baseball coach pulseless and starting to turn blue. She started CPR right away and sent someone to get the AED. Within the time it took to get the ambulance there she had shocked him once, continued CPR and the coach started breathing again under his own power. It was only after he was at the hospital that they learned that he had suffered a stroke and a heart attack. He walked out of the hospital after a week and is set to return to work now 3 weeks after the incident. Thank you Erin for saving a life.

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